58 Short Term Courses For Everyone With High Salary

What are short-term courses?

Short term computer courses are those “Computer Courses” that can be completed in a short period of time. It is just like a goal that can happen very quickly. Therefore, These types of courses are very useful for working professionals or employees, intellectuals and students etc.

Nowadays people have very busy schedule and because of busy schedule they don’t have much time for long term professional computer courses. Therefore, they like to go through a short learning process like obtaining a short term course and can finish it online while seating at the comfort. moreover, I know you too would love to have short course with easy concepts. right?

Then, there is a solution for you where we provide you 100s of short term courses. which are best to complete online in all over India and even outside. We are offering various types of short term courses covering from basics to advanced. All the courses available here comes with duration from 1 Month To 6 Months.

58 Online Short Term Courses

Moreover, here are the lists of 58 Courses that are completely online and can be done within the course duration and if you wish to complete it earlier than its duration, there is an option for that as well. Still, It is only possible when you know the process of taking exam and getting certificate.

58 Short Term Courses

Note:- All the courses are comes with its maximum duration, It means that you have the maximum period of finishing the course and its exam, and also the duration of the course is mentioned on the certificate. So, having in-depth information of what is “maximum duration” in the course is good to obtain certificate.

Purpose of Short Term Computer Course

These courses are meant to train the user within a short duration to manage a specific task assigned. These courses can be done on a part-time weekend basis also, the eligibility criteria is not very rigid, the fee is low and chances of getting employment is high some time short-term workshops enhance the skills required by an employed person, these workshops also help them to acquire practical knowledge.

Part Time Courses

So, let’s have a look on the courses lists with its durations and fees

S. No Course Name Duration (in Months) Total Fees
1 Certificate in Office Automation (COA) 3 4130/-
2 3D Cad Fundamental 1 472/-
3 Accounting Software Training on Tally 1 472/-
4 Advanced Git 1 472/-
5 Analyzing Big Data 1 472/-
6 Artificial Intelligence 1 472/-
7 Basics of Algorithms 1 472/-
8 Basics of Blender 1 472/-
9 Basics of C Language 1 472/-
10 Basics of Hardware and Software 1 472/-
11 Bootstrap 101 1 472/-
12 CCA – Certificate in Computer Application 3 2065/-
13 CCH – Certificate in Computer Hardware 3 1935/-
14 Certificate Programme in ASP.NET 3 2950/-
15 Certified HTML 3 1770/-
16 Components of Computer System 1 472/-
17 Computer Basics 1 472/-
18 Database Architecture 1 472/-
19 DevOps and AWS Fundamentals 1 472/-
20 Digital Media 3 1770/-
21 Financial Accounting 1 472/-
22 Fundamentals of Information Technology 1 472/-
23 Genetic Programming 1 472/-
24 GeoGebra 5.04 3 1770/-
25 Inkscape 3 1770/-
26 Interfacing used with Portable Mobile 2 590/-
27 Introduction to Cyber Security 3 1770/-
28 Introduction to Embedded Hardware 1 472/-
29 Introduction to Embedded Operating Systems 1 472/-
30 Introduction To PERL 3 1770/-
31 Introduction To Programming 1 472/-
32 Introduction To R 3 1770/-
33 Introduction to Real-time Streams 1 472/-
34 Introduction to server controls 1 472/-
35 Introduction to Tableau 1 472/-
36 Introduction to the Scanner 1 590/-
37 IO Structure 1 472/-
38 Java 3 1770/-
39 LibreOffice Suite Math 3 1770/-
40 Linux BASH – shell scripting 3 1770/-
41 Moodle Learning Management System 3 1770/-
42 Netbeans 3 1770/-
43 Network Basics 1 472/-
44 Networking in AWS 1 472/-
45 Neural Networks 1 472/-
46 OpenModelica 3 1770/-
47 Programming with Visual Basic 1 472/-
48 Project Analysis 3 1770/-
49 Python Forensics 1 472/-
50 Python Setup And Components 1 472/-
51 Software Engineering Basics 1 472/-
52 The Python Spy 1 472/-
53 Typography 1 472/-
54 VirtualBox 1 472/-
55 Web Browser 1 472/-
56 Web Programming 1 472/-
57 Working with PySpark 1 472/-
58 BCC – Basic Computer Course 3 1534/-

You have seen above courses if you wish to have information about courses, you can directly search each one of them on the official website of Acme Collins School Because, these all courses are from short term category.

We have designed all the short courses specially for those, who are working and have less time to study. However, anyone who is willing to learn these courses can take this, there is not any prerequisite knowledge required for the course but as usual basic knowledge of computer and English is required. If you are learning other short term courses than basic computer course instead in that case, you don’t require any knowledge such as English or Basic Knowledge of Computer.

We are also aware about current trends and knowledge required; therefore, we have provided a ton of courses here in the list above. so that you can get trending courses with their certificates on completion.

These courses can be done within a clipped duration. The time period of these courses alters from (1 to 6 months). Therefore, these courses give a change state and refresh the minds.

Short Courses That Help You to Understand Basics

Here you will get a short course with easy-to-understand concept. In addition to each topic is meaningful and create its own value. While having its own value, you will have a better understanding of the concepts and you will be intellectual.

Own Value

There are number of topics from which you can select the course of your desire. and each course starts from its basic, So everyone, especially those who have a little difficulties in understanding the concepts can understand it very easily just because of its basic structure of teaching.

Benefits of Short Term Courses

There are many benefits which you get when you complete short term computer courses, First of all, the course duration is less and second, you can finish it in a short period of time and can get a job in the field you have completed a course.


There is plus point that while doing your 10/12th class, you can do short term courses, while doing so, it will not disturb your study even this will help you to study better, because when we keep studying one subject for a long time we actually get bored, and along with this study if you choose to learn something new and amazing then you never feel bored. Therefore, it is the best option for 10th or 12th class student to learn short term courses. Even it benefits you for whatever qualification you have or for whatever exam you are preparing for. 

10 Best Short Term Computer Courses after Class 10

Here you will know the 10 best short-term computer courses after class 10 which you can join after taking your CBSE class 10 board exams. Also these courses will help you to utilize your free time in the best way, enhancing your aptitude and knowledge.

After the completion of CBSE class 10 board exams, you will have almost two months of a leisure period before the declaration of result. So, this free time can be utilized by joining a short-term computer course which will add to your skill set and knowledge.

10 Best Course for Class 10 Students

However, everyone knows that in the modern business world computers play a vital role. So having basic knowledge in computer applications will not only help to enhance your problem solving and critical thinking but also add to your aptitude which you may apply to a range of career options later in your life.

Studying short term courses have many advantages. First, the course duration is less, making it possible to complete the course quickly before you re-join the school for the next session.

Generally Speaking, a short-term computer course lasts for a duration of 3 months which could be less or more depending upon the course structure involved and the teaching criteria.

List of 10 Important Short Term Computer Courses that can be done after CBSE Class 10

10 Courses List

Read Each Course Information step by step, so let’s start with our first course which is

Certificate in Graphics Designing:

  • This course is suitable for those who are passionate and creative.
  • This course usually covers topics like image enhancing and editing, sketching, logo designing, UI designing, software program editing like Adobe Photoshop, print technology, etc.
  • The course generally lasts for 6 months. However, there are shorter courses too. For example, A 3-month duration certification course is also available.

Basic Computer Course

  • Microsoft Office is a set of applications. It comprises a set of applications that have a diverse utilization in every field, be it of education or business.
  • Some of the most prominent applications, which form the part of MS Office are MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, and MS PowerPoint.
  • The course duration is generally 3 months.
  • This certification course can open the doors to various jobs which involve computer work like front-end office jobs.

Certificate Course in Web Designing

  • This course deals with the creation and maintenance of websites, blogs, and E-commerce sites.
  • We are living in the age of the internet, where everything is available at the pace of just one click.
    Therefore, more and more businesses are entering the worldwide web in order to enhance their size and reach, which requires skilled web designers to create visually stunning and high-performing websites.
  • The web designing short-term course includes the basics of web scripting and graphics and multimedia.
  • It involves an introduction to the internet & web, HTML, DHTML, JAVA Script, Flash Photoshop, CMS, Hosting, and Servers.
    Short-term courses will help you gain new skills and you may start taking up freelancing gigs after completing the course.
  • This certificate course in web designing generally lasts for 3-6 months.
  • After the completion of a short-term course, one can work as a freelancer in the field. However, pursuing a long and detailed course will help to get jobs in good companies.

Introduction To Programming Language

  • A computer programming language is a language used to write computer programs. To develop software, one must learn programming languages like Java, C++, PHP, SQL, etc.
  • A certificate course in programming language aims at teaching OOPs concepts, data types & operators, logical/looping, function and array, class and object, file handling operations, etc.
  • The course duration is again of 3 to 6 months.
  • A detailed version of this course can help to take up a software developer’s job in IT companies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Certification:

  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which mainly deals with the techniques to boost the rank of a website and other web entities on the search engine results page. In order to enhance the reach of a website SEO professionals are hired.
  • The course consists of e-books, PDF files, Audio, and video study material.
  • A general SEO certification course lasts for 3-6 months.
  • After completing a detailed course, one may take on lucrative jobs like SEO professional, Project Manager, SEO Consultant, Website Auditor.

Diploma in Computer Application (DCA):

  • Introduction to Computer
  • Application Software
  • Internet Technology and Web Design
  • IT Tools & Business Systems
  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals
  • Desktop Publishing

Certificate in Computer Application (CCA):

  • Computer Fundamental,
  • Internet: Its origin and Present Form,
  • Basics Of Accounting and Tally,
  • Web Designing,
  • MS Office Applications,
  • Graphics Designing Software Training,
  • Introduction to Computer Languages- C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, etc.
  • Office Management, File Organization, Staffing, and Office Coordination,
  • Emails,
  • English Conversation And Soft Skills

Certificate in Computer Hardware (CCH):

  • Operating System
  • Computer Hardware
  • System Installation
  • Advanced Topic

Basic Computer Hardware (BCH):

  • Computer Fundamental
  • Internet & All Software Installation
  • Basics of Computer Hardware
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Operating System Installation

Basics of Computer Graphics

  • Understanding Computer Graphics, Software, and its maintenance
  • Office Automation – Disposal of daily routine jobs using Office Automation Tools
  • Exploring the wide world of the Internet and the latest technologies in online services and e-Gov applications
  • Personality development with communication skills

Short Term Job Oriented Courses for Housewives and aged people

In Today’s corporate environment, companies need a candidate who can deliver more than the expectation. To keep yourself updated according to the trend, join job oriented short term courses is always a good idea. Therefore, these courses can help you to upgrade your technical and theoretical knowledge which will surely help you to excel in your professional career.

Job oriented courses

The courses are based on via online mode. The workforce training, career development training courses are best if you are looking for high pay and high demanding jobs.

The Importance of Short Term Courses:

Enrolling in a short-term course is now a trend among the youth of whole world, and they are now focusing on pursuing a specialized certification course along with their job or degree programs.  These courses will not only develop a specialized skill set also complements their academic qualification or career journey. To keep in mind these trends, we have enclosed below some job oriented courses that you can do after 10th, 12th , and graduation.

Top 10 Short Term job oriented Courses after 10th, 12th, and Graduation:

Here, I am going to show you the top 10 short-term courses, which will help you to become an in-demand professional. Moreover, these courses can boost your knowledge and skills including your earning, as little as 3 to 6 months let’s check it out.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course: –

SEO is one of the best job-oriented courses, that can be done online and also knowing the current situation of Covid-19, You should learn these courses. No matter from which you way you learn this course whether offline or online or even free from google. The things matter is the knowledge you gain after completion of the course. Because only the knowledge you have gained from the course can be applied to the work. Right?

Now, Let’s talk about SEO Professional Work

The SEO professional works to improve the visibility of a targeted website in search engines. As the popularity of digital marketing is increasing, almost every company is increasing the budget on online marketing over traditional marketing.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Course: –

PPC Full Form is Pay Per Click, which involves the process of driving sales and traffic from the search engines via paid advertising. Also, it could from google itself or from other social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft Course / MS Word: –

Say Microsoft Word or MS Word That’s actually same. It is a word-processing program designed to help you create professional-quality documents and more. Also word helps you organised and write your documents more efficiently.

Microsoft Excel Course: –

Say Microsoft Excel or MS Excel is same. It is one of the most popular software applications worldwide and is part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

Microsoft PowerPoint / Ms PowerPoint: –

Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint presentations work like slide shows. To convey a message or a story, you break it down into slides.

Tally an Introduction: –

It is a basic course in accounting that help you to learn tally. You can opt this course as a beginner, because every advanced things can be learned after having basics knowledge of it.

Basics of Computer Graphics: –

The need for Graphic designers is increasing in all the marketing domain whether it is online media or traditional marketing. So, in this course, you will learn the art of visual representation of thoughts.

Internet Technology and Web Designing: –

Today, every business is dominated by the Internet, and every business needs its presence on The Web to advertise, promote and sell its services. by having a website, a business can represent itself in an online world.

This course enables you to make a responsive and engaging website which your visitors love too.

Content Writing Course: –

If you love writing then content writing is the course which you can learn, but as usual this is not same as other courses, this is totally different and can only be learn passionately, until you have passion for it, you cannot learn writing. It requires time and patience too. However, if you determined to do this course there are endless freelancing & full-time job opportunities available in this field. In this course, you will learn how to write effective content that engages the visitor.

Programming Language: –

What about making a career in software development? sounds great right? Software development is one of the high-paying jobs, if you love coding then this profession will suit you. So, Why are you waiting, you can start learning ASP.Net, Java, C, Python or any other trending programming language such as Swift and work in a software development company.

Short Term Courses with High Salary

Looking for short-term courses that provide practical knowledge. and when you complete the course. you will get a high salary. as we listen it looks simple, but in reality, we have to learn application from the very basic level. and that takes time.


There are many courses in the field of computer and other Subjects. So, what you have to do is select your favorite course with high salary and complete it within a short period of time. Checkout courses below that’s actually pay you high salaries.

  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Designing
  • Nautical Sciences
  • Business Analytics

Data Science

There are topics you learn during this course such as mathematics, machine learning, techniques and algorithm. So, it helps you to understand with the new technology that is used in 21st century. And This is the field which provide high pay scale to you.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

The abilities of digital marketing are considered a prerequisite for advanced experts as well as for anybody working in a business environment revolving around social media and digital platforms that has an online nearness. It incorporates high-ranking business visionaries, project chiefs, advertising gurus, and all sorts of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Diploma in Web Designing

Do you want to get specialized in web design? Then stop wasting your time in searching web designing course near me, the reason being we have designed a comprehensive course in web designing that includes all the essential fundamentals of web designing course.

Diploma in Nautical Sciences

It is the best short term courses that you can do if you have any interest in these field like navigation, cargo operations, maintenance of Merchant Navy Ships and all legal and commercial matters pertaining to shipping business, because these are the field in which candidate find jobs with high pay scale.

Certificate in Business Analytics

One of the amazing courses in business field. If you are interested to learn things about business, like its past performance and all. Then, this is a perfect fit to you.

The object of these courses to provide you jobs after you finish your course, Thus, Finding an Institute wouldn’t a problem but, getting a certificate from recognized organization would be an obstacle, So That’s a reason where we stand for you. We provide you certifications that are recognized and approved by government of India.

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