Application Software

What is Application Software

An application program is a type of computer software created to perform a particular task that is not related to the computer’s operation itself and is generally intended for end-user utilization. Examples include word processors, media players, and accounting software. Functions of Application Software Application software serves a multitude of functions to meet the diverse

What is Application Software

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Image describes what is system software

What is System Software?

Do you know what makes your computer run smoothly? Let’s meet the silent powerhouse which is behind your tech experience. From managing your hardware to coordinating software operations. So, It is a system software that is the backbone of your computer’s functionality. In this blog, we will know the definition, types and importance of system

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Create Pivot Table in Excel

Pivot Table in Excel

A pivot table is a powerful tool that allows you to summarize, analyze, and compare data from a large set of rows and columns. With a pivot table, you can easily see patterns, trends, and relationships in your data, and perform calculations such as sums, counts, averages, and more. In this blog post, we will

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