Best and Career Oriented Courses after 12th

So, Must be thinking about job oriented courses that you should learn after 12th to make a better career. Right!

But, let me tell you, It’s quite boring sometimes because we never have any idea about what course we should learn after the 12th. You know the common questions that always have in every student’s mind “I have no idea what to do after 12th”

Let me tell you guys, this is not your problem, it’s almost every student’s concern that what course should be selected for a better career.

But, I have a wonderful solution for you! You know what it is… It is you never have thought about it, because I have listed here more than 60+ courses that you can complete after your 12th class and make a better career, and it’s not just the course you are thinking of, it is actually the skills you need to have for your career, and it will also help you in the corporate world.

So, let’s get started to know the course after 12th

If you are one of those who have completed class 12 or going to take the exam, you must be seeking

  • Proper guidance
  • Process of taking admission
  • Eligibility of the course
  • Scope

and the most important factor is the interest in order to have best career and course after 12th

Hey, I’m not going to tell you the common courses that every single student does after his secondary examination like doing BA courses, especially for art students.

NO NO NO, you can even have best courses options after 12th, other than BA if you search for them.

For example, if you are a musician then you can do a short course on musicians before taking the higher graduation course instead.

Because, what happens most of the time, that we show some interest to graduation course, but after some time we feel that we don’t have any interest. and just because of that we only have to leave the course. So, therefore you can take a small course first before taking the bigger one.

You know why I’m telling you this, because I have read somewhere that “If you can take a small step then you can do big things” So, It’s important to do that at the initial level.

However, there are some courses like B.E, B.Sc etc are available and also popular that you can study after class 12th science.

If you are from a commerce background then you have some common courses like, BBA and similar to these. But, It’s all up to you, because as said above, whatever course you choose, do a short course first, because it tells you about your interest, and when you become interested in the course, you can choose your graduation course accordingly.

Parent’s Concern

But, As usual, we always have our parents who often think much about our career, because they overthink our career more than us. And, Just because of that some of the students have to choose their career according to their parents or what their parents had suggested for them. So, by considering the issue, I have tried to list courses after the 12th in all streams with their complete information.

The courses we have listed here are Certificate, Diploma and Degree Courses. By going through the list of the courses, You can choose the course that fits your needs, requirement and skills and last but not least your career and also your parent’s satisfaction. Read below for more information about the courses like duration, eligibility, fees, salary etc to see the best courses after 12th

What to do after 12th

Hmm, A very common question among students of the 12th class. What to do after 12th?

Let me tell you – You should learn things from the very basics or step by step like you can start learning certificate courses and then you can start learning diploma courses and last you can gradually start to learn undergraduate courses.

You know why I’m telling you this because certificate and diploma courses can be finished in a short period of time.

This will start your career gradually, and while doing this you will also be able to recognize your interests.

And knowing interest is very very important because when you are thinking deeply about your career, You will surely come to the endpoint where it is easy for you to decide the various options for study and also you will be able to recognize your interest that you had in your previous short courses, is alive or not.

If it’s not alive (The Interest), then you can re-start it from the beginning, and take small steps towards the small courses, Because, definitely it will help you a lot to decide the career of your choice.

Undergraduate Courses After 12th for Science, Commerce and Arts

You might know the duration of the undergraduate courses varies from 3 To 4 Years, depending upon the courses you choose. But for integrated courses, it is 5 years.

So, whether you are from a science, commerce or arts background, you can select any UG Programme, depending upon your interest and eligibility.

Courses After 12th PCM

If you have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in class 12th still there are some quite popular courses that you can choose.

But That’s not the question, You can still have another course or another field to go for, You can also opt for Commerce, arts programme after the 12th.

There are some courses that you can do after 12th PCM for the advancement of your career.

List of Courses after 12th class PCM

Course Duration Eligibility Admission Process Starting Salary
Bachelor in Technology/Engineering 4 Years 12th Science PCM with good marks Required Entrance Exam – JEE- Main, GATE, UPSEE, BITSAT 3 Lakh – 3.5 Lakh PA
B.Sc 3 Years 12th Science PCM with minimum 55% marks Some Institute Conduct Entrance Exam, Otherwise Merit-based 3 Lakh – 3.5 Lakh PA
NDA NA 12th PCM, Unmarried, Indian Citizen Required UPSC NDA Exam and Medical Examination 40000 – 80000 Per Month
B.Arch 5 Years 12th Science PCM with good marks Required Entrance Exam – JEE- Main, GATE, UPSEE, BITSAT 3 Lakh – 4.5 Lakh PA
Merchant Navy B.Sc Nautical Science B.E Marine Engineering 3 Years 12th Science PCM with good marks Required Entrance Exam -AIMNET, Eyesight and health standard 12,000 – 8 Lakh PA
Merchant Navy ( Harbour and Ocean Engineering ) 4 Years 12th Science PCM with good marks Required Entrance Exam -AIMNET, Eyesight and health standard 12,000 – 8 Lakh PA
Railway Apprentice 4 Years Training 12th Science PCM with at least 60% marks Required To Qualify The Written Exam 9300 – 34800 Per Month

Career Opportunity in PCM

  • Interior Designer
  • Government jobs such as SSC-JE/AE/Station Master
  • Career as a Software Engineer
  • Air Force Pilot
  • School Teacher
  • Career as a Data Analyst
  • Co-Pilot/Chief-Pilot
  • Architecture Designer
  • Research Analyst

Courses after Class 12th for PCB

There are a lot of courses available for you after completion of your Class 12th PCB like MBBS, BDS and Pharmacy. But generally, students avoid putting themselves in the competition and they choose courses like Homeopathy, Basics of Science, Physiotherapy etc.

So, after having qualifications in such courses, you become eligible for many such jobs such as in hospitals, science labs and research institutes and also you can open your own private clinic to practice.

List of courses after class 12th PCB

Course Duration Eligibility Admission Process Starting Salary
MBBS 5.5 Years 12th PCB with minimum 50% marks Required NEET Entrance Exam 36000 – 80000 Per Month
BDS 4 Years 12th PCB + English Compulsory Subject, 50% Marks Required NEET Entrance Exam 15000 – 30000 Per Month
B.Sc – Bachelor of Science/Botany/Chemistry/Zoology/Biochemistry 3 Years 12th + PCB or PCM Some Institution Conduct Entrance Exam, Otherwise Merit-based 3.5 Lakh – 4 Lakh PA
BHMS 5.5 Years 12th + English as compulsory Subject + PCB + min. 50% NEET, TS EAMCET, AP EAMCET 25000 – 35000 Per Month
B. Pharmacy 4 Years 12th +PCB and 50% Marks or Above Entrance Exam 12000 – 18000 Per Month
BPT 4 Years 12th with min. 50% marks + PCB + English Subject Entrance Exam 16000 – 30000 Per Month
BAMS 5.5 Years 12th + PCB + English with min. 50% marks Entrance Exam 16000 – 30000 Per Month
BUMS 5.5 Years 12th + PCB with min. 50% NEET Entrance Exam 13000 – 15000 Per Month
Bio- Informatics 3 Years 12th + PCB with min. 50% Entrance Exam 2 Lakh – 3 Lakh PA
Genetics 3 Years 12th + Science Stream Entrance Exam and Direct Admission 3.5 Lakh – 5 Lakh PA
Microbiology 3 Years 12th with Science min 55% marks Entrance Exam and Direct Admission 10000 – 20000 Per Month
Forensic Science 3 Years 12th + Science Stream Entrance Exam 3 Lakh – 4 Lakh PA
Environmental Science 3 Years 12th Entrance Exam and Direct Admission 3 Lakh – 5 Lakh PA
Nursing 4 Years 12th +PCB Entrance Exam 2 Lakh – 3 lakh PA

Career Opportunity after 12th PCB

  • Ayurveda Consultation
  • Research Assistant
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Doctor
  • Environment Journalists
  • Research Analyst
  • Microbiologist
  • Geneticist
  • Public Health Specialist
  • Dentist

Course after 12th for commerce

Hey, or Bachelor of Commerce course is a very common course among the commerce courses after 12th.

Student’s like you often choose the Programme after they pass 12th, but there are many other courses available for commerce students too, that they can do even without having mathematics as a compulsory subject.

Some Courses are listed below that are high salaried and hope you will like them and found your best one from the list.

List of Courses for commerce students

Course Duration Eligibility Starting Salary
B. Com – General 3 Years 12th Commerce 2 Lakh – 11 Lakh
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) 3 Years 12th + 45% Marks 2 Lakh – 11 Lakh
Bachelor of Business Studies 3 Years 12th + 60% marks 2 Lakh – above
BBA 3 Years 12th + 50% marks 4 Lakh – 7 Lakh
Bachelor of management studies 3 years 12th + 50% marks 2 Lakh – 7 lakh
Company Secretary (CS) NA 12th + 50% marks 5.5 Lakh – 15 Lakh
CA 5 Years 12th + 50% marks 4 Lakh – 8 lakh
CFP NA 12th 4 lakh – 10 lakh
CMA NA 12th 4 Lakh – 5 Lakh

Career Opportunity for commerce students

  • Financial Analyst and Advisor
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Human Resources
  • Tax Auditor and Consultant
  • Event Manager
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Government Jobs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • CS – Executive

Courses after 12th Arts

If you are seeking courses that give you passion or maybe you are passionate about, then you must choose BA or BFA course after the 12th.

It’s a very good course for people who are good at arts, but in case you are thinking that you can do better courses like BBA or similar to these, then there are other best options to choose for better growth.

Here is the list of courses that you can do after 12th arts

List of courses after class 12th arts

Course Duration Eligibility Starting Salary
BA 3 Years 12th from any recognized board 2 Lakh – 6 Lakh
BA – LLB 5 Years 12th from any recognized board + 50% marks 2 Lakh – 18 Lakh
BCA 3 Years 12th from any recognized board 2 Lakh – 20 Lakh
BHM 3 Years 12th from any recognized board 2 Lakh – 6 Lakh
BJMC 3 Years 12th from any recognized board + 50-60% marks 2 Lakh – 18 Lakh
Bachelor of Elementary Education 4 years 12th from any recognized board 2 Lakh – 6 Lakh
BFA 3 Years 12th from arts from any recognized board + 50% marks 2 Lakh – 7 Lakh
Fashion Designing 3-4 Years 12th from any recognized board 2 Lakh – 18 Lakh

Career opportunity in arts

  • School Teacher
  • Content Writer
  • Blogger
  • HR Manager
  • Legal Advisor
  • Event Manager
  • Interior Designer
  • Journalist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Media Manager

Diploma courses after 12th

So, You are just 12th Pass out. Right? and now you are thinking of choosing the right diploma course that saves your time and cost and also provides you deep knowledge for the same.

It’s not as hard as it seems, actually, it is easy to have the information of the course that provides you with deep knowledge and the skill set required for your further study.

It is also the right time of selecting the right course because it is going to help you in the future to decide on a graduate-level course or higher course in the same field.

Nowadays, You can do diploma courses online while seating in your comfort also it saves your time and money too with no compromising on the quality that you will get during your course.

So, Let’s save cost and time and look for some diploma courses as listed below

DCA – Diploma in Computer Application
DCH – Diploma in Computer Hardware
Master Diploma in Computer Application
Advanced Diploma in Computer Application
Diploma in Web Designing
PGDCA – Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
Diploma in Yoga Education
Diploma in Computer Hardware Networking
Diploma in Plumbing Technician
Diploma in Journalism
Diploma in Computer Science
DCFA – Diploma in Computer Financial Accounting
Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting
Diploma in Library Science
Diploma in AutoCAD
Diploma in Information Security
Diploma in Multimedia
PGDM – Post Graduate Diploma in Management
PGDBM – Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
PGDBA – Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics
Diploma in Hotel Management
Diploma in Tourism Management
Diploma in Fire Safety
Diploma in Fashion Designing
Diploma in Interior Designing
Diploma in Automobile Engineering
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Diploma in Chemical Engineering
Diploma in Electronics and Communication
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics
Diploma in Electrical Engineering
Diploma in Instrumentation and Control
Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Computer Architecture
Diploma in Agriculture
Diploma in Aviation Management
Diploma in Retail Management
Diploma in Material Management
Diploma in Mental Health
Diploma in Human Resources – HR
Diploma in Psychology
Diploma in Supply Chain Management
Diploma in Project Management
Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health
Diploma in Software Testing
Diploma in Interaction Design
Diploma in Acupressure Therapy
Diploma in Elementary Education
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Animation
Diploma in Social Work
Diploma in Industrial Relations
Diploma in Forensic Science

Certificate Courses after 12th

Want to achieve something big? then start first with small 🙂

It same applies to the course, like for example if you are looking for some great courses then you might need to start it with some basic certificate courses after 12th, they will help you in terms of knowledge and also make yourself confident to take the first step towards your career.

These are job oriented courses and also come with less period of time-varying between 6 – 12 months. So, if you dying to have a skill in a specific field like a pro then you must choose one of the courses listed below

CCA – Certificate in Computer Application
CCH – Certificate in Computer Hardware
Certificate in Web Designing
Certificate in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
Certificate Programme in ASP.NET
Certificate in Office Automation -COA
Certificate in Cyber Security
Certificate in Cloud Computing
Certificate in Big Data and Hadoop
Certificate in VLSI Design
Certificate Program in Photoshop
Certificate in 2D Animator
Certificate in Graphic Designer
Certificate in Electrician
Certificate in Library Science
Certificate in AutoCAD
Certificate in Swift Programming
Certificate in Aviation Management
Certificate in Retail Management
Certificate in Fitter
Certificate in System Analysis and Design
Certificate in Network Management
Certificate in Embedded Systems
Certificate in Software Project Management
Certificate in Artificial Intelligence
Certificate in Professional and Business Communication
Certificate in PC Architecture
Certificate in Network Management and Administration
Certificate in Videography
Certificate in Mobile Computing
Certificate in Manufacturing Techniques
Certificate in Integrated Testing
Certificate in Digital Signal Processing
Certificate in Digital Image Processing
Certificate in Cyber Forensics and Law
Certificate in Computer Networking
Certificate in Python Machine Learning
Certificate in Django 3
Certificate in Python
Certificate in Amazon SageMaker
Certificate in Deep Learning
Certificate in Tableau
Certificate in Infinite Retina
Certificate in Python for Finance
Certificate in Machine Learning R
Certificate in PostgreSQL 12
Certificate in AI with Python
Certificate in Node.Js
Certificate in Angular
Certificate in Splunk
Certificate in Solutions Architect
Certificate in C++ Developer
Certificate in Kubernetes and Docker
Certificate in Microsoft Azure Administrator
Certificate in Ethical Hacking
Certificate in Brand Management
Certificate in Consumer Behavior
Certificate in Business Communication
Certificate in Marketing Management
Certificate in Marketing and Innovation
Certificate in SwiftUI
Certificate in Acupressure Therapy
Certificate in Business Analytics
Certificate in Animation
Certificate in Blockchain Technology
Certificate in Communication Skills
Certificate in JavaScript Math Games
Certificate in React
Certificate in Go Language
Certificate in Rust Programming
Certificate in WordPress Security
Certificate in Kotlin Developer
Certificate in Stack Web Developer
Certificate in CUDA 10 Programming
Certificate in Web Hacking Secrets
Certificate in Apache Spark
Certificate in Python GUI Programming
Certificate in Palo Alto Networks
Certificate in Python for Automating Information Security
Certificate in Redis Bootcamp
Certificate in WordPress SEO
Certificate in Practical GraphQL
Certificate in C# 8.0 Programming
Certificate in Digital Forensics Using Kali Linux
Certificate in SharePoint
Certificate in Nuxt.js – Vue.js on Steroids
Certificate in Dot NET Core Microservices
Certificate in Python Networking
Certificate in Apache Cassandra
Certificate in Java EE 8
Certificate in Java Concurrency and Multithreading
Certificate in Hyper-V Windows Server
Certificate in Google Cloud Platform
Certificate in Practical Ansible Solutions
Certificate in Java 11
Certificate in Matplotlib 3
Certificate in ROS 2
Certificate in Vanilla C#
Certificate in Qlik Sense
Certificate in Puppet 6
Certificate in Cultural Studies
Certificate in Early Indian History
Certificate in Environmental Economics
Certificate in Creative Writing
Certificate in Modern Indian Drama
Certificate in Indian Literature
Certificate in Sociology
Certificate in Psychology
Certificate in Corporate Law
Certificate in Corporate Taxing
Certificate in Criminal Law
Certificate in Environmental Law
Certificate in Human Rights
Certificate in Socio Economic Offense
Certificate in Hotriculture
Certificate in Bee Keeping
Certificate in Floriculture
Certificate in Aquaculture
Certificate in Fish Farming
Certificate in Fruit Production
Certificate in Farm Management
Certificate in Fertilizer Technology
Certificate in Plant Biology
Certificate in Desktop Publishing
Certificate in Business Accounting
Certificate in Delphi Solutions
Certificate in Business Intelligence
Certificate in Microsoft BI
Certificate in UX Design
Certificate in Jira
Certificate in Computer Operation
Certificate in Data Science